War: A Love Story, The Project

War: A love story, The Project began as a novel, but it has become more than just one piece of literature. The first novel in the project will be War: A Love Story. This is set to be released first and then afterward a companion novel will be released which expands upon the concepts touched on in the first novel. The second novel will be named The Art of Peace. There is also a third book under consideration to finish up the trilogy.

War: A Love Story the Project will also include NFT art, short videos, graphic novels, and a feature length movie. There will also be a Metaverse world in which people can experience the broader Charles Voltaire universe. This metaverse will be like a virtual gallery to display the NFT art and videos in virtual settings and to experience the writing and poetry of Charles Voltaire in a completely immersive and interactive environment.

Not only can you read the book and take part in the overall experience, but you can own a part of the War: A Love Story Project by purchasing an NFT. NFT’s will be created for many of the chapters, the artwork, videos, and even for the completed works of art. Each NFT will also include exclusive benefits and physical tokens and representations to accompany all NFT sales.

Start reading the book below or check the online gallery to find out how to become a part owner and exclusive member of the Charles Voltaire universe.